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Since 1996 DNTG began writing and developing applications for corporate foreign exchange companies. The applications we wrote included retail and corporate operations, wire settlements, and fully integrated accounting functionality.

We wrote and developed for the Money Transmitter industry in 2001, including an Agent online site for the family remittance business. The application was a success from the start, with two clients growing from 270,000 transactions per month to 2,000,000 transactions per month within a matter of years.

We also added a wholesale banknote module to facilitate the trade, settlement and inventory of retail banknotes for a wholesaler.

The Money Transmitter business grew to encompass over 100 countries for send, payout and bank transfer. The accounting system was augmented to provide financial reporting in functional currency in over 16 countries.

For the corporate fx system we have added balance sheet hedging and Inter-Company payment netting modules to facilitate the consolidation, covering and settlement of multi-national positions for customer clients.

In 2009 we added a Money Order trust backoffice system to support Money Order processors.

Over these years we have grown to 40+ developers and our clients have operations throughout the world.

We have expertise in the financial industry, accounting, web development, database development and administration, networking, SAN purchase, installation and maintenance, and global telephony and networking.

Our primary location is in Cerritos California, but we travel throughout the world.

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